Influenza Symptoms, Influenza Treatment, and Vitamin B Complex

Influenza Symptoms and Influenza Treatment

We are in the middle of the flu, or influenza season, in the Northern Hemisphere. This year many are being affected by the Australian and the Japanese Flu. As they are different strains of the flu virus, you can be unfortunate enough to pick up both strains. The strains are both very severe, and it is essential that you look after yourself.

 Vitamin B Complex Benefits: Can Vitamin B Aid Influenza Treatment?

Vitamin complex can help to treat influenza
Instead of juice, try warm drinks to treat influenza symptoms

Many assume vitamin C can help to boost the body’s defense against flu. To some extent that it is true, but more than anything, vitamin B can help. That may sound a little bit odd, but the vitamins within this group help to strengthen the cell, and therefore makes it harder for the flu virus to penetrate the cell wall.  The vitamin group has many more functions, but when it comes to flu prevention, and influenza treatment, B vitamins will respond by taking the following actions:

A Brief Insight into the Function of Vitamin B Complex

A Brief Insight into the Function of Vitamin B Complex

  • B1 – breaks down carbohydrates and this provides energy
    B2 – processes energy, repair body tissue and is in charge of maintaining mucous membranes
    B3 – responsible for the actual energy reaction in a cell, and helps to strengthen the cell wall
    B5 – breaks down proteins and fats and converts them into energy
    B6 – helps to produce hemoglobin which transports oxygen to the cells
    B12 – responsible for production of DNA and red blood cell formation
    Folic Acid – essential component in the production of RNA and DNA
    Biotin– helps to process fats and protein

Your body can’t manufacture B vitamins and as this is a water-soluble group of vitamins, it is depleted quickly. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not an uncommon disease after the flu, and it is crucial that you do everything you can to keep up your vitamin intake to avoid this medical condition. The syndrome is defined by loss of energy and extreme tiredness. A lot of sufferers are forced to just stay in bed and seem to be unable to regain their strength. It is serious and can go on for many years. If you do suffer from CFS, consider switching to a plant based diet.

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Influenza Symptoms in Adults 

Influenza Symptoms in Adults

The symptoms of flu often come on suddenly, and often you will notice a lower back ache before anything else. The virus will then continue to penetrate the other cells in the body resulting in sneezing, coughing, and severe headaches. You may feel like your body is turning to jelly, and you become very tired.  A very high temperature is always part of the illness. Just go home, go to bed and take it easy. It will take you at least a week to kick a flu attack, and you do need to look after yourself. Deadly flu symptoms include chest infections and severe coughing.

Influenza is not the only virus to affect us. There are many more, and it is important to know how to attack viruses with natural remedies. Why?  Natural remedies for viruses will increase your immune health.

Influenza Treatment: How Can you Prevent Influenza?

Influenza Treatment: How Can you Prevent Influenza?
Avoid cheese when you have the flu. It will make you cough more.

Can Influenza Treatment Prevent Death? Yes, treatment of influenza symptoms can prevent death.

Are symptoms contagious? Yes, they are very contagious when you cough and sneeze. The influenza pandemic of 1918 killed millions of people. About 50 million people died from the deadly virus which is more than all of the people who died in the First World War. 

  It is hard to prevent the flu, but washing your hands help, and becoming a bit of a recluse will certainly help. This is one virus which you should try to avoid. Remember to drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself well hydrated, and avoid foods which may promote inflammation. Having a healthy breakfast will help, and invest in a good quality vitamin B complex which will boost your immune system. An influenza vaccine can help, but it a matter of getting the right one. There is a strong link between the virus and inflammatory diseases. Influenza history tells us that it is difficult to achieve this due to various strains such as influenza A and B.

Probiotics are excellent when it comes to treatment and prevention, and if you don’t normally take on, you should add one to your health care routine around September. That will give the probiotics a chance to grow.

Conventional Influenza Treatment vs Tamiflu

Herbal Supplements can make effective influenza treatment

Apart from conventional treatments such a tamiflu, you can try chamomile tea and warm soups. There is a reason why chicken soup works. It is packed with vitamins from the vegetable stock, and the vegetables make up the soup. Do you need the chicken soup to treat flu? You don’t really, but you certainly need a healthy freshly made vegetable soup. You can make it in a slow cooker if you like, and it can even be frozen for you to make sure that you have some ready when you need to deal with a flu attack. Tamiflu can have serious side effects and should only ever be prescribed by a doctor.

Vitamin B complex will help with influenza treatment, but most importantly it is important to pick up on influenza symptoms. You only get ” proper” flu a few times in your life, and when you do it is important to look after yourself.


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