Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign: What are  the Best Foods for Your Zodiac Sign?

Eating According to Your zodiac Sign
The Sign of Ankh from Egypt – it means life and is thought to form the basis for the Christian Cross

Eating according to your zodiac sign – is this something new? The Ancient Egyptians believed the best food for your zodiac sign could be found in the plant kingdom. We often presume ancient people all around the world were great meat eaters, but nothing could be further from the truth when it came to the Ancient Egyptians. Their doctors believed eating and living according to your star sign was the thing to do. Today, many Egyptians still believe we the best diet tips for your zodiac sign can be found in nature.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best foods for your zodiac sign, and some background history as well. A recent visit to Egypt, and a day spent at the temple of Kom Ombo, reawakened my interest in zodiac eating habits.

  • Sailing the River Nile Lost in My Thoughts
  • Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign
  • How to Eat Right for Your Zodiac Sign
  • Earth Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
  • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

The Temple of Kom Ombo is easy to find. It is located outside of Luxor, and can be reached by bus. It was the home to the crocodile Sobek, and his image can be found allover the temple. Organized tours are available from Luxor. If you are married to a local guy like me, you can simply sail to Kom Ombo along the Nile. It is completely magical.

Sailing Towards the Best Foods for Your Zodiac Sign

It was a quiet morning on the River Nile in Egypt. We were out sailing early in my husband’s Felucca to avoid the hottest part of the day. Lazy cobras were still laid on the bank of the Nile, and it felt like life had not changed much in the last thousand years. Had the Pharaoh’s barge come sailing down from Memphis ( Today called Luxor), I would not have been surprised at all. As the light mist parted, I became aware of the shallow banks in the river and our approach to the healing temple of Kom Ombo just outside modern Luxor.

A cobra swimming in the River Nile


Many sites on the Internet claim that eating according to your star sign is something new. However, Ancient Egyptians sites such as the temple of Kom Ombo stand in proud testament that this practice is not something new at all. Wall carvings and papyrus can be found all over Egypt which goes to prove that eating according to your star sign is not something new. Kom Ombo has a handy little chart on which you can look up the best diets for your zodiac sign. Egyptians doctor kept very detailed records of their patients’ health and the zodiac sign of the patient was always referred to in the patient’s records. Not only was the best foods for your zodiac sign strictly adhered to, but many other healing instruments such as crystals were also popular.


Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign: Astrological Remedies for Weight Loss

What would happen if you went to an Egyptian doctor today? You may not be directly asked your zodiac sign, but many doctors will still work it out. I have never seen a patient’s notes without his or her star sign mentioned. It seems that the practice of tracking a patient’s zodiac sign is still important. Zodiac weight loss could be something we should all try.

How To Eat Right for Your Zodiac Sign: What You Need to Know About zodiac Weight Loss

Best Diet tips for your zodiac sign

Eating right for your zodiac sign is not the complete answer to your diet, and you need to be aware you also need to eat additional foods. Before you start taking a look at foods are right for you, there are few things you need to know about the zodiac.

The zodiac is divided into earth, water, air and fire signs. For instance, Pisces is a water sign and Capricorn is an earth sign.
Egyptian doctors noted that certain health conditions were more common with some star signs. For instance, Virgo has long been associated with diseases of the nervous system.

The Crystal Desert in Egypt

Crystal healing may not be the road we go down today, but the Ancient Egyptians used them when treating disease. However, the more we learn about crystals, the more interesting they become and they can be found in medical equipment.
Don’t think for one minute the knowledge of chakras originated in India. Energy healing systems were used in Ancient Egypt for thousands of years.

The Best Foods for Your Zodiac Sign Earth

Zodiac food preferences
How to pick the best foods for your zodiac sign

What we need to realize is that earth shapes matter, and that is how Ancient Egyptian doctors would have looked at it. They would have perceived people born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn as practical and productive. However, they also noted that many born under the earth signs used to love to indulge in fatty foods, entertain and make the most out of the good things in life. Of course, practical earth signs would have been found working in the Egyptian administration attending banquets and parties.

Best Diet Tips for  Your Zodiac Sign Taurus

The Eye of RA, today it is often called the All Seeing eye

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, you were often noted for your throat problems. Too much beer and wine doctors would have said, and told you to remove all alcohol from your diet. Also, you would have been told to eat to eat plenty of spinach, nuts, and grains rich in oil. Grains were popular in Ancient Egyptians but many working in the Pharaoh’s administration had access to meat which a bit of rare event in the countryside. Best way for Taurus to lose weight is by eating a plant based diet.

Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign Virgo

How can Aquarius lose weight by looking up his or hers best diet advice? The Ancient Egyptian doctors made it easy, and a chart was available.
Look up the right foods for your star sign on the wall chart found in Kom Ombo. It has been there for thousands of years and is just as applicable today.

Virgo seeks perfection at all times, and as a result, diseases of the nervous system are often found under the sign of Virgo. The sign is also said to control the intestines but seldom follows a diet high in fiber. The natural recommendation from Egyptian doctors was to increase fiber intake along with plenty of water. Fruits salads, soups, and teas could be included on a prescription for Virgo.

Best Diet for Tips for Capricorn


Capricorn can perhaps be a little bit too much hard-working and needs to slow down. He is up and about all of the time, and even when he is not at work, he is probably on his feet. In medical astrology, it was noted that Capricorn had a problem with his knees from longer hours being active. Inflammatory fruits and vegetables such as sprouts, flaxseeds, and oats were always recommended and at the same time, Capricorn was told to stay away from beer which was associated with the inflammation of the joints.

The Best Foods for Your Zodiac Sign – Water Signs

Water signs are passive, and they seem to ebb and flow just like water. They often need time to process emotional experiences and reemerge into the world. Water signs may lead rather sedentary lifestyles, and can in the process, easily become overweight. The Zodiac water signs include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

What to Eat if You Are Born Under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Diet weight loss tips for cancer according to the zodiac

Cancer tends to be rather touchy about many things and has a tendency to emotional overreaction. The sign controls the breasts and stomach, and the Cancer woman controls the female reproductive system. Doctors in Egypt noted that Cancer has a strong link to the past and seemed to spend hours watching the moon. As a result, they did not have enough heat in their bodies and were recommended to include plenty of spices in their food.

What Are the Best Foods for Your Zodiac Sign, Scorpio?

Scorpio was noted to rule the reproductive system, the bowels and the bladder. At the time, the frequently suffered from prostate problems. Just like today, herbal remedies were prescribed for Scorpio. But at the same time, Scorpio was also told to eat plenty of walnuts and beetroot. Red or Black Cherries should also be part of the everyday diet of the male Scorpio. This is exactly what is recommended for improved prostate health today. Once again, it sounds like the Ancient Egyptians were ahead of us. Scorpios favorite foods often included goat cheeses which may not be great for the prostate.

The Best Diet for Pisces

eating according to your zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces was said to control the feet and often reported to have a problem with rheumatism. Exercise is not something your average Pisces seems to enjoy and as a result of many end up obese with a range of associated health problems. Swimming was part of the plan when it came to keeping Pisces healthy, and it was noted that many born under this sign even enjoyed swimming. Foods which were recommended were avocados, whole grains, seaweed and steamed rice. Fried foods were an absolute no-no for this sign.

Air Signs and Their Diet

Can the answer to the best foods for Your Zodaic Sign be found on Ancient Egyptian papyrus?

Air signs are creative and analytic at the same time. Both were qualities which were very much appreciated in Ancient Egypt – a country with so many amazing monuments. Gemini falls under the group of the air signs, and so do Libra and Aquarius. Egyptian doctors believed that many Aof the air signs needed calming, and often recommended health regimes based on herbs and teas.

Best Diet for Gemini

Gemini was said to be the most talkative of the signs and ruled the lungs and respiratory system. In Ancient Egypt, respiratory disease was not uncommon. The air was often filled with sandy gusts and homes were poorly ventilated. As a result, the lungs and airways would become congested, and respiratory disease would occur. Today we know there is a strong dietary link to asthma. The Ancient Egyptians seemed to have worked along the same lines and advised Gemini to stay away from cheese and dairy products.  Most of the time,  Gemini eating habits were not the best. Cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginger were indicated when it came to helping Gemini. Today we have proved that all three have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Eating According to Your Zodiac  Libra                                                       

Th best diet tips for your zodiac sign Libra

Libras could often be found working as judges and ministers in Egypt. They were more or less on call both day and night and were said to suffer from stress and low energy. Doctors quickly noted that kidney disease was a common affliction and recommended that several light meals of vegetable soup should be eaten during the day to keep up energy levels. Of course, vegetables are packed with vitamin B and will help you to keep up your energy levels. Lentils and chickpeas were grown throughout Egypt and often added to soups. Liba weight loss tips would include a much lighter diet which is easier to digest.

The Best foods for Aquarius

eating according to your zodiac sign - air zodiac signs
The  Egyptian crocodile God Sobek is happy to give you health advice if you stop by the Egyptian temple of Kom Ombo. Learn more about Sobek.

How can Aquarius lose weight and stay healthy? Aquarius is always future looking and perhaps a little bit on the insane side some people say. In Ancient Egypt, Aquarius was often found working in the many temples along the Nile. They seldom left the complex they worked in. It seemed to have led to problems with swollen feet and ankles. Realizing that asking the priests to exercise would be futile, Egyptian doctors recommended them to eat plenty of rosemary and parsley. Both herbs are great for improving circulation, but it does make you wonder how the doctors knew.

Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign – Fire

Fire signs are often creative and like to stimulate their imagination. Did the Ancient Egyptians have a problem with what we today call recreational drugs? In fact, they did very much so, and there was a plethora of recreational drugs and stimulants. Some Egyptians even spent a substantial amount of their income on recreational drugs.

Best Diet for the Zodiac Sign Aries

the best foods for your zodiac sign Aries

If you had the misfortune to be born under the zodiac sign of Aries, you may have been spending a lot of time in the doctor’s office in the time of the Pharaoh. Doctors seemed to have caught on to the fact that the head rules the rest of the body, and was fascinated by headaches and migraines. Poor Aries ruled the head and must have found that he or she was often used as a guinea pig. Clearing up head problems was not the easiest thing to do at the time, and Aries was recommended to eat plenty of cruciferous such as cabbage. Cruciferous vegetables are naturally packed with vitamin B and are great for better brain health.

Leo – A Worshiped Zodiac Sign in Ancient Egypt

Best Diet Tips for Your Zodiac Sign - Fire
Eating according to your zodiac sign for Leo meant staying away from fatty foods. Many Leos today seem to suffer from heart disease. Perhaps not so much has changed after all. 


There is little wonder that people born under the zodiac sign Leo were worshipped in Ancient Egypt. The ruler of this sign was the sun, and as we all know, the culture was very much focused on sun worship. As a result, Leo with his larger than life character was forced to lead rathe with hectic lifestyles parties and banquets. Burning the candle at both ends did not do Leo any favors, and the end result was heart disease.

Nothing combats heart disease better than a plant based diet, and Leo was told not to eat any meat at all. The diet should only be rich in fruit and vegetables to stop hardening of the heart. We can only conclude from this that the Ancient Egyptians were familiar with cardiovascular disease. Zodiac sign food habits are still varied today, and many zodiac signs are eating the wrong diet for their zodiac sign.

The Right Diet for Sagittarius

Sagittarius was the athlete of the Egyptian zodiac and could often be found in the Army. The sign ruled the hips and thighs and was said to often burn out very quickly. Foods containing natural plant oils were recommended, and high energy foods were also high on the agenda. Broccoli and lettuce were both recommended along with nuts and variety of different oils. The Egyptians seemed to have imported oils both suitable for and food preparation. Oils were a stable part of the Egyptian economy and traded up and down the country.

Ancient Egyptian doctors were keen to recommend the best foods for your zodiac sign

Were Ancient Egyptians doctors right? Little has changed and it would appear we are still not paying attention to our diet as much as we should. The best way to eat for your zodiac sign has not changed so much,  and I am pretty sure for some people they are never going to change. Today, the Moon Sign Diet may be popular. If the God Sobek saw the diet, he would realize zodiac food preferences have not changed much. Zodiac sign food habits do not seem to have changed in the last 4,000 years and maybe they never will. Astrological weight loss advice remains the same now as they did so many years ago. What else can we learn from the Ancient Egyptians apart from zodiac signs favorite food, and the best way for Taurus to lose weight? It does make you wonder…

So, what are the best foods for your zodiac sign? Hopefully, you will have gained some insight into what plant based foods to eat for your zodiac sign. Do you recognize your health condition at all? Perhaps you were born under the zodiac sign of Aries and suffer from migraines. Eating according to your zodiac sign is very popular at the moment, however, it is not a new idea at all. Best diet tips for your zodiac sign can probably be traced back thousands of years. You be surprised what you can learn at the Temple of Kom Ombo in modern day Egypt.



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