Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen and Plant Based Dinners

Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen and Plant Based Dinners

How do you make plant based cooking easy? Having the right kitchen equipment will help when trying to make the most out of your plant based diet. It is easy to overcook plant based, and one of the things that you will soon learn about plant based foods is that maintaining the nutritional value of food is essential. Switching slowly to a plant based diet is better than trying to change your diet overnight.

Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen and Plant Based Dinners
Don’t Destroy Health Benefits of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc When You Cook


Can I Still Destroy Vitamins in Plant Based Foods? Can  Vegan Cooking Implements Make Your Diet Healthier?

Essential vitamins and micro minerals are quickly destroyed when food is not stored, prepared and cooked correctly. Many of us suffer from lack of vitamins, micro minerals, and even probiotics. Knowing how to handle food correctly is vital when it comes to living a healthy and busy life. At the same time, fuel prices are going up all of the time, and you want to make sure you cook food in the cheapest way possible. This is where kitchen essentials for the plant based kitchen come in.

What Are the First Vitamins and Micro Minerals Which Are Destroyed During the Food Cooking Process?

The first vitamin which is destroyed is vitamin B, and this may start even before you get home from the store. Most of our food is transported long distances, and the transportation process will affect the vitamin B level in your food. Even your plant based foods may stay in the store for a couple of days before you buy it. It is easy to think that the food we buy as arrived “that day”. Most of the time, it has already been there for a few days, and what you presume is fresh, is not that fresh after all.

health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc

After vitamin B, the health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc are reduced by storing, preparing and cooking the food. When you are serious about sticking to a plant based diet, it is a good idea to include raw foods in your every diet. Lunch is the best time to do so as raw foods are packed with energy giving compounds your body needs to function every day.

What Plant Based Foods Are Best When It Comes to Make Sure You Get the Health Benefits of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc?

Plants are amazing when it comes to producing vitamins and micro minerals. You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying food for your plant based diet. All of the foods you need should be easily affordable for most of us. Growing your own plant based foods is easy, and you can even grow fruits and vegetables if you only have a terrace. However, the best plant based foods for calcium, magnesium, and zinc can normally be food in your supermarket.

Plant based dinners should include simple legumes such as snow peas
Snowpeas are legumes

Best Plant Based Foods to Make Sure You Get the Health Benefits of  Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc

  • Leafy Greens
    Some simple legumes
    Dried Fruits
    Root Vegetables

Most of these foods can be eaten raw, however, there are some kitchen essentials that you may want to invest in. Don’t worry, they are not going to cost a small fortune, and will save you money in the long run.  A plant based diet food list does not have to be over the top.

What are the health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc?

We may believe that a meat-based diet is high in everything that we need to stay healthy. That is not true at all. The way meat-based foods are produced often meant it is low in many of the micronutrients we need.  Animals are not fed natural foods anymore and are often given antibiotics to keep them healthy. Anti-biotics destroy not only probiotics, but they also destroy vitamins and minerals.

The correct dosage of calcium, magnesium, and zinc is hard to estimate. We often need more than we think, and it all depends on our individual lifestyle.

For instance, our food is so low in zinc we are having a problem digesting what we eat. Is this what causes illnesses such as IBS and other common digestive disorders. Zinc is essential for normal growth and aids immunity. Most importantly it aids the action of many enzymes such as digestive enzymes.  Some of us do not even have enough digestive enzymes to digest our food properly.

Calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth, and many know that without calcium in our diet, we are likely to break our bones. However, did you know calcium is needed for a healthy nervous system, blood clotting, and muscle function?

Magnesium is a backup mineral for calcium, and one can’t function without the other. Without magnesium in our diet, our muscles and nerve impulses would not function. Not only that, but magnesium also helps us to protect our teeth and bones.

What Are Vegan Kitchen Appliance Essentials?

 Vegan Kitchen Must-Haves to Preserve the Health Benefits of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc

vegan kitchen must haves: How to preserve the health benefits of health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc
Best cooking gadgets for vegans

Best Cooking Gadgets for Vegans: Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen

When you follow a plant based diet you may as well ditch your microwave. A complete plant based dinner menu can be prepared in a food steamer. There are many different kinds of food steamers out there, but you should make sure you get hold of one which contains a bowl. You may even want to buy another bowl as an accessory depending on the size of your family. A food steamer will make plant based cooking for the entire family easy. More than anything, it will make it fast. Your plant based dinner can be ready in as little as half an hour.

Crock Pot

vegan kitchen tools for plant based dinners
Vegan cooking implements for plant based dinners

Many of the easy plant based dinners for beginners can also be prepared in a crockpot. This is the perfect solution when you want to take the dog out for a walk and have a plant based food high in protein ready for you when you come home. Curry based plant recipes taste great when you prepare them in a crockpot. Just be aware that you can more easily overcook your food in this way, and you should always leave your pot on a low setting.

Grill Your Vegetables and Fruit for Your Plant Based Dinners

One of the best ways to retain nutritional value is to grill your food. Some vegetables come out tasting nicer when they have been grilled, and top examples are zucchini and eggplant. If you are planning a plant based family meal, there is no need to make things complicated. A good quality oil and some simple herbs can make your grilled vegetables taste amazing.

Apples are one fruit which just loved being grilled. Add some cinnamon when you grill the apple, and you will have a new exciting topping to go on toast in no time at all. Great as a snack, or a child who would like something a bit sweet before they go to school in the morning.

Invest in A Good Quality Chopping Board: An Important Part of Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen

You are going to be doing some “slicing and dicing” when you prepare your plant based dinners, so it is a good idea to invest in a good quality chopping board. Of course, wood chopping boards are great, but there are others made out of much more user-friendly materials. Try to find a large chopping board and one that is easy to clean. Cleaning a chopping board with lemon and salt will take away any stains and previous flavors.

Easy Plant Based Dinners for Food Steamers and Crock Pots: Plant Based Diet Sample Menu

Once you have stocked up your plant based larder, you will only have to worry about the fresh ingredients. Remember to always take advantage of special offers when you can. Bulk buying when eating a plant based diet can save you a lot of money and will also make your grocery shop quicker. Freshness is an essential part of eating a plant based diet, and you should try to shop for fresh food every two days or so.

Plant Based Dinners You Simply Must Try

Okra and Zucchini Curry

Health Benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc
Okra can be part of a plant based diet sample menu

Okra features in the cooking of many African, Asian and Caribbean dishes. It contains a gluey liquid which acts as a natural thickening agent. Fantastic ingredients for both stews and soups and okra can easily be grown at home.

What you will need for this recipe:

Chilli flakes 1 teaspoon
turmeric ½ teaspoon
cumin seed
white peppercorns 4
desiccated coconut 1 oz or 1.3 of a cup
okra 1 lb
oil 2 tablespoons
onions 2 sliced lengthways
garlic 3 crushed cloves
400 grams zucchini
tomato 1 large chopped
sugar 1 teaspoon
coconut milk 9 fl oz 1 cup
vegetable stock 13 fl oz

This recipe is best for a crockpot. Just prepare all of the ingredients, but if you like, you can fry the onions before you add it to the rest of the dish. Cook on low for about two hours, and serve with an Indian flat bread or rice. Great dish to take into the office and enjoy for lunch.

Thai Patty Pan Curry

plant based dinners with patty pan
Patty pan contains all of the health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc

Patty pan squash is becoming more and more common in the shops, but you can also grow it yourself. It can only be described as a “cute” looking vegetable. It is a powerhouse of not only vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and at the same time, pattypan squash is packed with antioxidants. If you can’t find any patty pan, zucchini is a great alternative for this recipe. Great recipe to prepare in a food steamer, and will only take about half an hour.

Thai red curry paste 1 – 2 tablespoons
coconut milk 14 fl oz
soy sauce 2 tablespoons
vegetable stock ½ cup
palm sugar 2 teaspoons
patty pan squash 1 lb 9 oz
baby corn 3 ½ halved lengthways
snow peas 3 ½ oz
lime juice 2 teaspoons
unsalted roasted cashews

Serve up with kohlrabi mash, and you are adding another root vegetable which will give your plant based dinner that extra boost.

Kohl Rabi Mash

Include kohlrabi in your plant based dinners
Put Kohlrabi on the menu – it is easier to grow than you think

You don’t need to boil the kohlrabi to turn into a mash. Instead, you can steam it, and retain a higher content of the nutritional value of the vegetable. Kohlrabi is a close cousin of the brussels sprout but has a much sweeter taste. It can be eaten raw and you can even eat the young leaves of this vegetables. When grown in a pot, it will keep pushing out leaves as long as you harvest them.

The leaves of kohlrabi are rich in fiber, and will even stand up well to stir-frying. Once you harvest your kohlrabi, it can be stored in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for about 3 days. The fresher it is when you eat it, the better it will taste. Add a bit of dijon mustard to the recipe if you like.

Place 1 lb 5 oz of peeled kohlrabi in the steamer basket, and let it steam for about 25 minutes. It is important to slice it up before you steam it as it may take too long for the entire vegetable to cook. Once it is soft and ready, simply transfer it to a pan on the stove and add a couple of tablespoons of cream. Also, add 10 fl oz of vegetable stock as you mash it up.

Kohlrabi absorbs many flavors, and if you would like to get a little bit more creative, you can even replace the vegetable stock with apple cider. Either way, cooking with this wonderful vegetables will be a real eye opener for you. Another way to serve kohlrabi mash would be with a parsley oil poured over the top. Simply put the parsley in a small blender with 4 fl oz of extra virgin oil. Pour over the hot kohlrabi mash just as you are ready to serve it.

Experiment with your plant based foods receipes

How to Add Exciting Ingredients to Your Plant Based Dinners

How do I add exciting ingredients to my plant based dinners? You should not be afraid to experiment with plant based foods. They are so much more flexible than meat-based dishes, and if something goes wrong, you can easily turn them into a soup, or something else. Grate together kohlrabi and pattypan squash, and you will get the most wonderful burger which can be served with sweet chili sauce.

Of course, you can experiment with other ingredients. Cooking plant based dinners is all about cooking with colors. Every single color you add to your dinner will have its own unique makeup. Antioxidants in the plant world are represented by different colors, and we should let these colors be our guide to healthier cooking.

Guilty Free Food 

Plant-based food can best be described as guilt-free food. You are far less likely to pick up some irritating allergen in plant based foods. It will help to improve your digestion by adding essential prebiotics to your diet and is easy to cook and prepare which makes it perfect for our modern day busy lifestyles.

Growing your own food will give you a further unique insight into plant based nutrition, and before you know it, you will be a bit of a specialist in all of the wonderful biochemistry based compounds which you find in your plant based diet. It is a great way of getting kids involved in both growing and cooking foods.

Are Plant Based Dinners Food Wasteful?

Are you concerned about waste and the amount of trash you throw away? Plant based food is never waste full. You can set up your own home recycling center with a wormery or a hot rotter. What you don’t eat can all be recycled in your own home, and put to good use as a nutritious soil for the plants you grow in your home. Besides, just like the kohlrabi, you can eat almost any part of the plant. And the water in your steamer tray, you can use that to water your plants with to make them super healthy. Plant based foods are NEVER wasteful.

The Final Word on Kitchen Essentials for the Plant Based Kitchen

So, before you rush out to buy magnesium supplements, consider eating more foods which contain what you need. That is how you can truly enjoy the health benefits of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. The kitchen essentials for the plant based kitchen will save you money on cooking your food, and make it healthier at the same time. Once you have started to cook plant based dinners, you will also realize you will have more time to do other things as well.

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